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When a product/service demonstrates outstanding commitment to health care excellence and leadership in all selection criteria, the AHA proudly awards its exclusive endorsement.


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The legal and regulatory environment under HIPAA and the HITECH Act as well as individual state laws make compliance a unique challenge. Financial, legal and reputational risks are steep, and the nature of personal identification information (PII) and protected health information (PHI) that are exposed and their potential misuse create substantial risk to affected patients.

Risk Assessment

Data Breach Analysis & Forensics

Mitigation & Compliance

Notification & Reporting

Breach Preparedness

Monitoring & Recovery

The comprehensive suite of products and services address all aspects of data breach preparedness and response. Not only is risk minimized, organizational reputation is protected and patient safety and satisfaction are ensured. Hospitals selecting an AHA-endorsed product or service can be confident it has met the AHA's highest standards.


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