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Reduce the Privacy Data Risk in Your Business Equation

We'll assess and mitigate your risk of a data breach

Expert Data Breach Prevention

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Risk follows your patient's data everywhere. Strategic action today can go a long way toward preventing a data breach tomorrow.

Our people understand how data breaches occur and the risks they pose for your business. We get to know your organization and customers. This gives us clear insight into what you need and what will work, as opposed to putting you into a predetermined box. By carrying out a comprehensive data breach risk assessment, we can help you mitigate that risk-and reduce the impact if a data breach occurs.

Our breach prevention solution includes:

Risk Assessment

We'll examine all the risk factors your organization has for a data breach, and provide a detailed assessment and recommendations for reducing your risk.  Learn more.

Mitigation and Compliance

The rules and regulations for safeguarding privacy data are complex. We understand these laws and can help ensure your organization's compliance by providing extensive regulatory assessment and recommendations.  Learn more.

Breach Preparedness

Despite the best of plans, breaches happen. Based on your risk assessment, we'll create-and help you implement-a customized data breach response plan that helps minimize the impact of an incident.  RADARTM, our award winning privacy incident management tool can also help support your compliance with federal and states incident management and breach notification obligations.  Learn more.

Unique Plans for Unique Needs.

Healthcare. Finance. Government. Education. Business. Every industry has different rules and requirements for handling data breach incident response. Our plans are meticulously customized to fit your organization:

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