Healthcare Data Breach Preparedness and Data Breach Preparedness

Data Breach Preparedness

Planning ensures the best response

Are You Ready for a Data Breach?data breach - breach preparedness

In 2011, the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse reported 31.1 million records were breached in 534 incidents. Given the growing prevalence of data breaches across all industries, organizations need to make sure they are prepared. Industries with large volumes of high-value data—bank accounts and medical records to name a few—are particularly vulnerable to data breaches.

ID Experts has the tools and services to help you plan your response to a data breach, keeping you in compliance with the appropriate regulations and helping you avoid penalties and fines:

  • Incident Response Plan, a customized plan that guides you through all phases of managing a data breach response, so you can meet notification deadlines, avoid penalties, protect your customers and employees and reduce the likelihood of future data breaches. We can help you conduct tabletop incident response training to ensure your preparedness.
  • RADAR™ Incident Assessment Tool, a patent pending, secure, web-based tool that helps you properly assess and document privacy & security incidents to determine if notification is required according to states and federal breach notification laws. It also helps demonstrate readiness and supports your compliance when incidents occur.
  • A master services agreement with ID Experts for data breach response products and services will help protect your organization and ensure a proper, timely response in compliance with federal and state notification requirements.

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