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Organizations today are storing information in and accessing it from more places than ever before. At the same time, the cost of a data breach has never been higher — with some breaches resulting in millions of dollars in penalties and fines for noncompliance. ID Experts helps your organization adopt a proactive approach to reducing risks and demonstrating data breach compliance with privacy and security regulations. We offer:

Policy and procedure compliance. ID Experts CIPP-certified professionals work with privacy and compliance teams to review existing policies and procedures, identify gaps and weaknesses and assist in drafting updated and new policies and procedures that address current market technology risks and exposures.

Data security technologies and consulting. To address security risks, ID Experts provides a new Portable PII/PHI Security™ technology that protects PII/PHI with NIST-based encryption. It also tracks and secures information as it travels and is accessed by others. In addition, we offer security consulting to help ensure best practices and compliance with appropriate regulations.

Documentation support. ID Experts helps you carry out and document your mitigation and compliance activities.

Reduce the risk of costly fines by proving your compliance with the relevant regulations. Call us for expert help today at 1-877-726-4271.

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