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If you suspect a data breach, you need answers fast: what PII and possibly PHI was lost, who is affected and if notification is re­quired. Delays in responding to a data breach can increase the threat to victims and damage your reputation. ID Experts has the tools and professionals to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations to reduce your post-breach liabilities and risks.

We offer:

Digital forensic investigation. Our forensic professionals are experts in collecting, analyzing and processing computer data, so you can accurately determine if, when and how PII was stolen or lost.

Incident risk assessment. We will help determine who was affected, what data was exposed, and the level of risk to your business and the breach population. Using our RADAR decision support software we will help you determine if notification is legally required according to HIPAA final rule and state breach laws.  We'll also assess any special needs, such as minors or non-English language speakers. The risk assessment helps determine how best to care for the individuals affected to minimize the risks from the incident to your organization.

A customized data breach response strategy. Our data breach response professionals help ensure your timely response and regulatory compliance for all aspects of data breach management — from notification and reporting to the affected population, regulatory authorities and the media, to identity monitoring and recovery for affected individuals.

Breaches are complex. Let ID Experts plan your assessment and response for the most positive outcomes.

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