The Most Trusted Breach Resolution Method

YourResponse complete data breach

When faced with a data breach, most organizations go straight from discovery to response, risking customer confidence, lawsuits, and fines, and spending needless resources. ID Experts YourResponse is a proprietary, patented methodology for analyzing and responding to a data breach incident. It considers the unique nature of each incident, assesses if it is a breach that requires notification, and formulates a response plan that meets the needs of every member of the affected population. This analytically rigorous process is the industry's only comprehensive breach analysis and response method.

The results? You'll create "delighted victims"; save time and money; and reduce the risk of complaint filings, fines, investigation, and lawsuits. 



Comprehensive digital forensics analysis including expert data collection, root cause analysis and documentation as the basis for our expert incident analysis and resolution process.



A patented incident assessment process plus "risk score" to determine if an incident is a breach. Helps ensure regulatory compliance and reduces the costs and risks of needless notification or "over-notification."



A proprietary method that takes into account the specific needs of each subset of the affected individuals and develops tailored response plan(s). Creates "delighted victims" and reduces the likelihood of fines or litigation.



Proven response plan and scalable resources to ensure the most positive outcomes for your organization and customers. Produces 100% success rate in identity recovery which is unmatched in the industry.

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