Enterprise Data Breach Solutions

Protecting Customer Privacy

Breach Prevention: Mitigate Your Risk

Each year, millions of personal records are compromised because of data breaches. Changes in business processes and IT—plus evolving national and international regulations—all make protecting the personal information you use difficult. But the trust consumers place in your business makes protecting that information all the more critical.

ID Experts can help you understand and mitigate the risks of a data breach by performing a thorough risk assessment and preparing a response plan to ensure compliance with state and federal privacy and security regulations.  Learn more.

Breach Response: Keeping Costs Down, Customer Confidence Up

Data breaches can cost your business millions—in customer churn, legal fees, and other expenses. In fact, in 2009, the average total-per-incident costs were $6.75 million.1 It takes a professional to lower the costs, comply with regulatory requirements, and meet the needs of those affected by a data breach.

ID Experts will help you achieve a positive outcome for your business and your customers with timely, confidential, and compliant investigation, notification, and identity monitoring and recovery.  Learn more.