Government Data Breach Solutions

Protecting Citizen and Worker Privacy

Breach Prevention: Mitigate Your Risk

Government organizations hold a high position of trust—trust that your agency will do its job and that it will protect the privacy data that you use. But it takes strategic action to safeguard that sensitive information against a data breach.

ID Experts can help you understand and mitigate the risks of a data breach by performing a thorough risk assessment and preparing a response plan to ensure compliance with state and federal privacy and security regulations.  Learn more.

Breach Response: Certified, Expert Help

Chances are your agency will face a data breach; in the constantly changing public sector, data breaches of confidential information can happen anytime, anywhere. And with the requirements for a certified, independent risk analysis, you need the help of professionals.

ID Experts received its federal government contract (GS-23F-0037T) through the General Services Administration (GSA) to provide comprehensive data breach response services. In 2007, GSA awarded our Blanket Purchase Agreement for independent risk analysis (GS-23F-IRA01).  We are your single source for timely, compliant data breach response—including investigation, notification, and identity monitoring and recovery.  Learn more.

Identity Theft Guard Solutions, LLC (dba ID Experts)

BPA Contract Number: GS-23F-IRA01

GSA Contract Number: GS-23F-0037T

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