Breach Prevention

Government Breach Prevention

Risk mitigation, preparedness, and compliance

Protect Your Agency, Preserve the Trust

The IT security measures you’ve implemented undoubtedly protect against cyber-attacks that threaten the of your agency’s privacy data. But a recent study by the Ponemon Institute shows that only 24 percent of data breaches involve criminal or malicious attack.  How do you guard against the more common causes of data breaches: human negligence, system glitches, or third-party error?

Risk Assessment

Performed by our CIPP-certified experts. The risk assessment provides insight into the risks associated with the confidential information you use, makes recommendations on policies and procedures, and outlines best practices on managing privacy data to reduce your organization’s exposure to a data breach.  Learn more

Mitigation and Compliance

Government agencies face an array of requirements for complying with privacy regulations—and the laws vary based on the type of data, so achieving compliance can be complicated. ID Experts Breach Prevent can help.  Learn More

Breach Preparedness

ID Experts can ensure a successful response to a data breach. Based on the risk assessment, we’ll help you develop a ready-to-execute Incident Response Plan that guides you through all phases of a data breach response—minimizing risk to your agency and the sensitive information you use.  Learn more

Prevention is the best response for a data breach. Call us for more information today.


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