Have a Breach?

Have a Data Breach?

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If you have a privacy data breach, you need answers, fast: What caused the breach? How do you contain it? Who is affected? How do you care for their needs? Who do you notify? How do you prevent another incident?

ID Experts can help. We’ll assess the situation with you and prepare a response that ensures positive outcomes for everyone involved. We have the experts, tools, and customized solutions to return your organization and victims to pre-breach status.

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If You Are In a Data Breach Situation:

DON'T: Do just what the law requires. Preserve your reputation and customer confidence with a comprehensive response plan that takes care of the people affected and that can save you millions.

DO: Act quickly to learn the details of an incident, and decide if the facts are considered a "breach." Don’t over-analyze the situation. There are urgent notification deadlines that may apply.

DON'T: Sweep an incident under the rug or think that "ignorance" is a valid defense.

DO: Assign a member of your team to take the "lead" on managing the incident-typically a member of your information security or legal/privacy teams—and to designate every member of the team by name and role (we can help you with this).

DON'T: Do it on your own. Call ID Experts for prompt, professional help.

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