Healthcare Data Breach Solutions and HITECH Data Breach solutions

Healthcare Data Breach Solutions

Protecting Patient Privacy

Healthcare Data Breach Prevention: Assess & Mitigate Your Risk

Healthcare is among the top three industries most frequently victimized by data breaches. In addition, the HITECH Act has extended requirements for HIPAA / HITECH data breach compliance to a healthcare organization’s business associates—and has widened the definition of protected health information (PHI).

ID Experts can help you mitigate the risks of a data breach by performing a thorough risk assessment and preparing a response plan to ensure compliance with HIPAA / HITECH data breach privacy and security regulations.  Download our Final Rules whitepaper.

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Healthcare Data Breach Response: Achieve Compliance with the HITECH Act

Chances are your organization will face a data breach; more than half of large hospitals said they had at least one data breach incident in a year’s time. And since the HITECH Act has broadened its definition of who’s subject to HIPAA / HITECH data breach compliance and expanded notification requirements, your need for a professionally managed response is greater than ever.

ID Experts will help you achieve a positive outcome for your organization and your patients with timely, confidential and compliant investigation, notification, and identity monitoring and recovery.

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Focused on Healthcare

HIPAA Privacy and Security rules. The HITECH Act. The laws and regulations protecting PHI are complex — and the penalties and fines can be costly. ID Experts has the focused expertise to deliver industry-specific services that best protect healthcare organizations and their patients.

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