Healthcare Data Breach Response Plan and HITECH Breach Response plans help lower costs

Healthcare Breach Response

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100% Positive Outcomes

When a data breach occurs, you need fast, strategic action. Rely on us to manage all aspects of a data breach response:

Data Breach Analysis & Forensics 

If you’re faced with a potential data breach, our digital forensic professionals can provide expert analysis of the incident, and our incident risk assessment helps determine your HIPAA / HITECH compliance requirements. Learn more

Notification and Reporting

Let ID Experts manage all your notification and reporting requirements with our customized patient notification, call-center services, reporting to state and federal agencies, tracking and legal presentment of notification letters and coordinating public relations efforts. Learn more

Monitoring and Recovery

ID Experts' customizable combination of cyber, identity and credit monitoring — along with our fully-managed identity recovery by ICFE-certified Recovery Experts — provides the most complete protection for your patients and your reputation. Learn more


We are the experts in data breach response. Call us for help today.