HIPAA Breach Notification | HITECH Privacy Notification

HIPAA Breach and HITECH Privacy Notification and Reporting

Caring, compliant communications

Reduce Healthcare Data Breach Costs by 20%

Notifying victims and regulatory agencies of a data breach can be costly and cumbersome, especially for healthcare organizations that face HITECH / HIPAA breach notification rules. Using an outside vendor such as ID Experts reduces the cost of a data breach by 20%[1]. We offer complete notification and reporting services that meet state and federal regulations, including HIPAA / HITECH:

Customized patient notification that meets the unique requirements of your situation, and that complies with HIPAA / HITECH and applicable state laws — including notification letters to the affected individuals, an informative website and call-center services.

Incident-specific call-center services tailored to your needs, including support for more than 80 languages and unique populations. Our dedicated toll-free number provides easy access to experienced "live" agents, who can process up to 28,000 calls per day.

Regulatory and Attorney General reporting that complies with federal and state requirements, including HIPAA / HITECH. RADAR, our incident assessment and reporting tool, generates reports for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) submission directly from the incident data captured.

HHS Office of Civil Rights investigation response. ID Experts helps organizations gather the required information, document the HIPAA breach notification response and provide recommendations on necessary remediation efforts.

Legal presentment and notification tracking. ID Experts maintains digital records of every verbal and written interaction with the affected population for 7 years. We ensure correct delivery of notification letters using barcode tracking technology, USPS' NCOA service and LexisNexis address verification.

Crisis communications. ID Experts offer public relations support to ensure a consistent message across all communications outlets.

ID Experts can reduce your healthcare data breach costs and help you plan a caring response that meets HIPAA breach notification requirements. Call us today.

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[1] 2010 Annual Study: U.S. Cost of a Data Breach, Ponemon Institute LLC, March 2011