Breach HealthCheck

Know Where You Stand

Data breaches happen everyday. The costs can be high—time lost, hefty fines, missed business opportunities, a tarnished reputation. By taking proper action now, you can reduce the likelihood and the impact of a breach.

This online self-assessment tool is designed to help organizations determine the balance between risks for a data breach and the adequacy of security measures, tracking progress through implemented changes. After taking approximately 30
minutes to complete the assessment, the Breach HealthCheck uses a scorecard model to create a Breach Protection Index™ (BPI) and a Breach Protection Map™, the first step to help strategically prioritize risk management activities.

How the Breach HealthCheck Works:

  • Breach HealthCheck Scorecard - We have incorporated questions about key industry, operational, regulatory and privacy practices that contribute to your organization’s data breach exposure and protection level.
  • Breach Protection Index - With these questions we benchmark and helps you monitor your exposure level and the effectiveness of and gaps in your breach protection programs.
  • Breach Protection Map - We then map your score on our heatmap which provides simple, visual communication of a complex risk and exposure analysis.
  • Analysis, Reporting and Recommendations - Once completed the Breach Report offers insights on whether your organization is appropriately quantifying its breach risk and balancing its breach protection investment.  Provided as a PDF, you can save, re-access old reports and print finished completed reports for your records.

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