What is MIDAS?MIDAS Medical ID theft protection
MIDAS is an alert system that identifies healthcare fraud and monitors for medical identity theft— which causes harm to patients and costs healthcare payers billions each year.
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MIDAS Medical ID theft protection
How does MIDAS work?
Using proven alter-driven fraud reduction strategies from the financial services sector, MIDAS enlists members to detect and report fraud. 
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Why use MIDAS?MIDAS Medical ID theft protection
ID Experts' MIDAS engages health plan members to control their own medical identities; assists payers to reduce fraud costs; helps health plans meet key compliance component of the Affordable Care Act.
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MIDAS Medical ID theft protection
Is MIDAS for you?
Healthcare fraud is skyrocketing, costing the United States at least $80 billion annually, according to the FBI, and medical identity theft has affected more than 1.8 million victims, according to the 2013 Survey on Medical Identity Theft. As millions more Americans enter the healthcare insurance market under the Affordable Care Act, fraud and abuse are expected to escalate.
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