ID Experts has always focused on the individual – keeping them safe from the threats of cyber intrusions and the woes associated with identity theft. So, we are proud to announce that we’re expanding our concierge-style identity protection and data breach services to focus on helping employers further protect their team members by launching MyIDCare™ Benefits Plus. In this offering, we’ve packaged together an identity protection solution that addresses all nine types of identity theft.

MyIDCare Benefits Plus includes an innovative web app for alert-based identity monitoring, $1 million of insurance, and our award-winning concierge-style identity recovery service that provides employees with a direct connection to a dedicated ID Care Team Specialist for questions and help with identity theft issues. Also included is our patented medical identity monitoring service, known as MIDAS™ which is unique in its ability to help employees in detecting issues with healthcare fraud.

With MyIDCare, we stay true to our culture of doing the right thing by helping employees detect and address the scourge of identity theft. If they should fall victim to the fastest-growing crime in the U.S. – identity theft – employees will know they have a real person located right here in the U.S. ready to help them put their life and accounts back to their pre-identity theft status.

Watch Video: The New Rules of Identity Theft Protection

MyIDCare Benefits Plus was designed specifically to address the needs of employers and employee benefits brokers, and covers the entire spectrum of identity risks that employees face in today’s world. Identity protection is now one of the two fastest-growing areas of voluntary employee benefits, with projections that 70 percent of employers will offer identity protection services as an employee benefit by 2018, up from 35 percent in 2015.

It’s available to any size organization, either directly from ID Experts or through a benefits consultant or broker, and can be offered as a company-paid benefit to all employees or as a voluntary benefit for employees and their families to gain identity protection.

Read more about the launch of this extensive offering in our press release here.