About ID Experts

At ID Experts®, we provide innovative software and services to organizations for managing cyber risks and data breaches, and to consumers to protect and restore their identities from identity theft. Since 2003, we have served many of the largest healthcare, financial services, retail, higher education, and government organizations in the U.S.

We are passionate about creating exceptional software and providing customer-centric professional services for enterprises subject to regulatory oversight and that have sensitive privacy concerns.

We partner with and participate in numerous groups to advocate for more effective privacy laws and controls for regulated data. We have executive participation with the Consumer Federation of America, PHI Protection Network, and Patient Privacy Rights.


Our Expertise

Software that Protects

Our MyIDCare™ identity protection product provides members with the most complete identity protection package on the market, protecting people from all nine types of identity theft. Our MIDAS™ system protects health plan members against medical identity theft and provides payers with the ability to reduce healthcare fraud.

Experts who Care

Our team of certified experts are passionate about helping organizations protect the privacy of the personal information entrusted to them, and individuals in restoring their personal identities. We offer a complete suite of data breach response services that address organizational risks and compliance, as well as consumer identity recovery services with a 100% success rate.

Advocates for Privacy

As active advocates for privacy victims, we've contributed to legislation that improves the privacy of Americans, and served as a founding board member of the PHI Protection Network (PPN) and the Medical Identity Fraud Alliance (MIFA).


Our Passion Drives Us

ID Experts was born out of a passion to help guarantee the privacy of Americans—the privacy of their personal, financial, and health information—in a high-risk, challenging environment. It's timely, important work, and the work that we do best.

Over time, the risks have grown, and so have the costs to individuals if their privacy is compromised. What started as financial problems has escalated to threats to a person's reputation and health.

For these reasons, we've chosen to develop products and services that lower risks to data privacy. We create innovative solutions that help enterprises ensure the privacy of their customers' personal information today and into the future.

"Our clients depend on us for efficient, forward-thinking solutions in the ever-changing world of data privacy, security, and fraud protection." Rick Kam | President

Career Opportunities


We're a high-growth software and services company that seeks talented, hardworking A-players who want to excel at their jobs and who are passionate about protecting the privacy and security of personal information.

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"The ID Experts team inspires me every day to deliver high-quality and innovative solutions to ease the burden of our customers.” Devin Poehlman | Digital Marketing Manager
"It’s exciting and rewarding working for a company that is truly making a difference in people’s lives each and every day. ID Experts genuinely cares about their employees, understands their value and promotes growth within the company!" Michelle Ballard | Breach Response Account Manager
“I have enjoyed my tenure at ID Experts because of the supportive nature of the sales team. We work very hard, but we also have a lot of fun! We all collaborate openly and support each other when working with clients." Jeremy Henley | Director of Breach Services

Executive Team

  • Rick Kam

    Rick Kam

    President and Co-founder

    As president and co-founder of ID Experts, Rick is an expert in privacy and information security, with extensive experience leading organizations to address the growing problem of protecting PHI/PII and remediating privacy incidents, identity theft, and medical identity theft. With over 30 years of experience in the technology industry, Rick leads and participates in several cross-industry data privacy groups, speaks at conferences and webinars, and regularly contributes articles to industry and business publications.

    "I had a vision for creating a company that reduces the risks to privacy and security of personal information that we all face in today's world. I’m proud that we’re now a leading software and services player in security and privacy incident response."
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  • Heidi Nelson

    Heidi Nelson

    Human Resources Manager

    For more than 25 years, Heidi has helped organizations meet their business objectives. She joined ID Experts at its launch in April of 2003 and was tasked with heading both the Human Resources and Accounting departments. Heidi earned her bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management with a minor in Psychology from Portland State University. Before joining ID Experts, she worked for large organizations such as Intel and Graphic Arts Center, as well as running her own consulting firm.

    "I am so pleased when a new employee tells me: 'Hey, Heidi, you were right; it’s the people that make ID Experts great!' The shared enthusiasm to do all the right things is what makes our company successful and a joy to work at!"
  • Paul O'Mara

    Paul O'Mara

    Sr. VP, Sales and Professional Services

    With 37+ years of experience in a broad range of technology companies, and with extensive experience in global roles, Paul is responsible for the Sales and Professional Services organization at ID Experts. He has held executive roles in several functional areas, notably Sales, Service and Operations with companies such as FEI, Tektronix, Sequent Computer Systems, and startup companies such as Rulespace and DataChannel. Most recently, Paul was VP Global Sales and Service with Cascade Microtech. He holds a BS in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Sussex, UK.

    "I love working at ID Experts. In a world where bad things happen to good people, I am proud to be with an organization that so positively impacts people."
  • Doug Pollack

    Doug Pollack

    Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer

    As chief strategy and marketing officer, Doug is responsible for the strategic direction and marketing of our innovative software and services. He has over 25 years of experience in the technology industry, having held senior management and marketing roles with Apple, Inc., 3Com Corporation as well as several venture-backed enterprise software startups. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

    "At ID Experts, we work very collaboratively with a singular focus—to provide our customers with exceptional software and services to manage privacy incidents and reduce associated risks. It is most fun and satisfying work."
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  • Rick Kam

    President and Co-founder
  • Heidi Nelson

    Human Resources Manager
  • Paul O'Mara

    Sr. VP, Sales and Professional Services
  • Doug Pollack

    Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer

Throughout the Years

ID Experts was founded in 2003 with an initial focus on addressing the rapidly growing problem of identity theft.

With the advent of security breaches in organizations that may result in the compromise of sensitive personal information of customers and others, our company has focused on product and services for responding to and protecting individuals from data breach.

Today, our professional services team has managed thousands of data breaches, are the largest provider of identity protection services to the U.S. Federal government, and have launched the innovative new MIDAS medical ID alert system.



Developed an identity theft protection offering based on a unique professional services-based limited power of attorney process.


Provided our first data breach response for a large insurance company that exposed the personal information of almost 1 million policyholders.


Passed the 100,000 mark for individuals to whom we provide identity protection services via a data breach response or go-to-market partners.


Our 100th data breach response was done for FEMA to address a compromise of information to Hurricane Katrina disaster applicants.


Launched MIDAS, the medical identity alert system, an innovative software product that health plans can offer to their members to reduce healthcare fraud.


Managed largest 2015 health provider breach (4.5 MM patients) for UCLA Health


Awarded largest government data breach OPM – 21.5MM people

Accolades & Recognition

We're proud of our history of excellence and commitment to the highest standards of achievement. The following highlight a few of our many accomplishments.

  • GSA
  • IAPP Corporate Member