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Only our MyIDCare identity protection solution safeguards against all forms of identity crime.

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Identity theft disrupts your members’ lives and peace of mind

Be their superhero with MyIDCare

Identity theft is a fast-growing crime with long-term consequences for victims. It costs money, wastes time, damages reputations, and even can affect a victim’s physical health. And it’s a pervasive crime—identity fraud affected over 15.4 million Americans last year.

You can offer your members peace of mind and exceptional value with MyIDCare identity protection, the most complete defense against identity theft available today. ​

MyIDCare is the most complete solution for protecting privacy

Safeguard your members’ finances, health insurance, and more

MyIDCare is the only plan that covers all nine types of identity theft, including credit card, Social Security, medical, financial, and more. Comprehensive identity monitoring tracks down questionable activity linked to a member’s identity, and timely service alerts help prevent identity theft before it starts.

We also protect your members’ hard-earned money with lost wallet replacement services as well as stolen funds reimbursement. And MyIDCare’s complete identity recovery with concierge-style services restores victims’ identities to pre-theft status, which we’ve done with a 100% success rate.​

Attract and retain members with identity protection unlike any other

MyIDCare helps you outshine the competition

With the growing threat of identity theft, your members will appreciate that MyIDCare identity protection addresses the threats to their privacy, their finances, and their health. It’s an offering that can help build trust with your members and lets them know you care.

And with our 86% member retention rate, MyIDCare provides a consistent and valuable revenue stream not tied to membership fees or dues. Your organization’s purchasing power means you can offer MyIDCare at a rate your members can’t refuse. ​

A people-first, business-smart approach

Boost member satisfaction

MyIDCare is the most complete solution for protecting privacy and bringing victims peace of mind.

Differentiate from competitors

Only MyIDCare provides monitoring and recovery services across all nine types of credit and identity threats.

Increase per-member revenue

MyIDCare is a high-value, well-priced offering that engages members and boosts revenue earning potential.

Businesses trust us to deliver on our promises

Since 2003, we have served many of the largest healthcare, financial services, private and public commercial, retail, higher education, and government organizations in the U.S.

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We are passionate about combining our world-class MyIDCare identity protection with customer-centric data breach services in order to serve you, your clients, and their customers.

Proven longevity in the field

Proven longevity in the field

We’ve been providing data breach response and identity protection services since 2003, and many of our clients have been with us for over a dozen or more years.

Services designed around your clients’ unique needs

Services designed around your clients’ unique needs

Give your clients the right kind of help with customized, tailored data breach services.

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