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We deliver the breach response services you need, when you need them. From individual components to the total package, we have the flexibility to work with you to give you exactly what you need. Our YourResponse™ methodology helps guide you to quickly and efficiently mitigate risks and ensure compliance.

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Services Overview

From initial investigation to customer notification and protection, breach response is a complex process. ID Experts’ services can help you every step of the way. Only need digital forensics or call center services? You got it. Need everything? We can provide that, too.


Digital Forensics Investigation

When a data breach occurs, you need answers fast: how did it happen, who is affected, and what are the risks? Timely forensic analysis helps you contain the damage, determine the scope of the breach, and plan a compliant response.

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Data Breach Notification & Crisis Communications

In times of crisis, you want to act quickly. But the message, timing, and delivery of breach communications have to be exact, or you could increase the level of lost business, face fines, penalties, and class-action lawsuits. Rely on our experts to manage consumer notification, regulatory reporting, media relations and more.

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Breach Products Overview

Give your customers the right type of identity protection, right when they need it, with MyIDCare™, ID Experts’ complete array of monitoring and recovery products. We offer identity, credit, and health monitoring—plus $1 million in reimbursement insurance and fully managed identity recovery services by ACFE-certified Recovery Experts.


Credit Monitoring

Protect your customers’ financial identity with credit monitoring from one or all three national credit bureaus. This product offering monitors all activities that affect each customer’s credit record, alerting them of any changes to their credit file.

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Identity Monitoring

Thousands of sources are searched for suspicious activity to determine if an identity thief is using a member's identity. As an early warning prevention technology for the detection of identity theft, this product will cover many aspects of a person’s identity.

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CyberScan™ Internet surveillance:

Thieves want your customers’ identities—and are taking unprecedented steps to get them. Rely on CyberScan, our 24/7 advanced cyber monitoring that searches thousands of sources for the illegal use of a person’s identity.

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Health Monitoring

Medical identity theft is a crime that puts lives at risk. MIDAS™ and CyberScan work together to help prevent medical identity theft and protect patients’ well-being. Our technologies provide the most robust solution for monitoring the fraudulent use of medical identities.

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All products include ID Theft Insurance and ID Theft Recovery 


We’re Working With You

No two breaches are alike, nor are the companies that experience them. With our full menu of products and services, ID Experts can create an efficient response package that meets your unique requirements. We’ll work with your people, your systems, and your budget to get the results you want.

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Two Ways To Buy

We are committed to meeting your needs in the way that best supports you. To fulfill on that comittment, we offer both full-service and custom options.
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For the best results, choose our unique breach response process, YourResponse, proven to significantly reduce post-data breach risks, such as lost business or class action lawsuits.

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A la Carte

We are committed to meeting your breach response needs in the way that best supports you. Our full-service and custom options are designed to fit your unique requirements.

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  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Enterprise
  • Higher Education
  • Financial
  • Healthcare

    Protect Patients with Breach Response for Healthcare

    Chances are you will face a data breach; 90 percent of healthcare organizations in a Ponemon survey said they had at least one data breach over the past two years. That's a scary statistic, because your ability to protect patient data is critical to patient well-being. And since the HIPAA Final Rule gives regulators more enforcement power, broadens who's subject to data breach regulations, and expands notification requirements, you need expert breach response services more than ever.

    But you can rest easy when you rely on our proprietary breach response process—YourResponse—for full-service data breach care. Our team of certified experts will work hard to ensure a quick, efficient, and compliant response.

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    Our Clients

    • New York Presbyterian
    • Catholic Health Partners
    • Seattle Children's
    • Henry Ford Health Systems
  • Government

    Independent Risk Analysis & Breach Response for Public Agencies

    In the public sector, data breaches can happen anytime, anywhere. This constant threat plus your requirements for a certified, independent risk analysis mean you need the help of professionals. We received our federal government contract (GS-23F-0037T) through the General Services Administration (GSA) to provide comprehensive data breach response services. In 2007, GSA awarded our Blanket Purchase Agreement for independent risk analysis (GS-23F-IRA01). 

    We are your single source for a quick, efficient and compliant data breach response—including forensics, communication and notification, and identity protection and monitoring.

    Our Clients

    • NASA
    • US Coast Guard
    • US Department of the Interior
    • Coventry
  • Enterprise

    Cut Rising Data Breach Costs and Protect Your Customers

    Data breaches can cost your business millions in customer churn, legal fees, and other expenses. In fact, a 2014 Ponemon survey found that the average per-company cost to be $3.5 million—a 15 percent increase from last year. You need certified breach response experts to lower those costs, comply with regulators, and meet the needs of affected customers or employees. Rely on YourResponse, our proprietary data breach response process, for a quick, efficient, and compliant response.

    Our Clients

    • Motorola
    • Tropicana
    • Seattle Children's
  • Higher Education

    The Most Advanced Degree of Data Breach Response

    Students. Alumni. Employees. Patients. Data of all types lives on campus, and laws of all types safeguard it. And all types of threats endanger it. When faced with a data breach, rely on our team of certified experts to plan and execute every phase of response—from digital forensics to notification and communication. Our identity protection and monitoring solutions can be tailored to fit the varying needs of your students. For a quick, efficient, and compliant response, look no further than ID Experts®.

    Our Clients

    • Columbia University
    • EMU
    • University of California
    • University of Washington
  • Financial

    Your Best Investment in Customer Protection

    Data breaches can cost your financial services company millions in lost business, class-action lawsuits, and damage to your brand. In fact, a 2014 Ponemon survey found that the average per-company cost to be $3.5 million—a 15 percent increase from last year. You need a team of certified experts to lower those costs while meeting the needs of affected customers or employees. Rely on our proprietary breach response process, YourResponse, for a quick, efficient, and compliant response.

    Our Clients

    • Nissan Finacial
    • Stewart Title
    • Coventry

From the Breach Response team

"Our clients' care and reputation are my number one priority. I make sure that we turn a difficult situation into something positive for them." Heather Noonan | Senior Project Manager

From Our Clients

“I have been extremely pleased with all services provided. Your staff was extremely helpful in responding to our requests and has always provided excellent customer service. It has been a pleasure to work with all the staff at ID Experts." Director, Information Systems | Health Insurance Company
“Your effective resolution of events combined with a patient and pleasant demeanor make hard times doable." Anonymous | Vice President Healthcare Compliance & Privacy | Healthcare Management

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Case Studies

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Data breaches occur in every industry and affects many roles. Hear best practices and tools used for preparing for and responding to breach incidents involving PII/PHI.

Whitepapers & Research

Knowledge is power. Stay abreast of the current issues, trends and analysis in responding to data breaches. Read a collection of topical studies conducted around these incidents.


Guides for managing a data breach response and complying with federal breach notification regulations.


About Us

At ID Experts®, we provide innovative software and services that simplify the complexities of managing data incident response and reduce breach risks. Our breach response services—including YourResponse, our unique breach response process—are tailored to the needs of our breach clients, their counsel, and insurer. Since 2007, our team of certified experts has managed breaches for some of the nation’s largest healthcare, financial services, retail, higher education, and government organizations.

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