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How to Choose the Right Data Breach Vendor and Ensure Positive Outcomes

Data breaches have become an everyday cost of doing business. A proper response can mitigate the negative effects of a breach, but it takes skill and careful planning. To be successful, the right internal and external resources must create and execute a response strategy that meets legal obligations while protecting affected individuals.

5 Capabilities of a Reliable Data Breach Response Vendor

A successful breach response depends, in large part, on the data breach response vendor you select. While many companies claim to provide data breach response, their actual services vary widely. Our Breach Response Buyer’s Guide is designed to help you know what to look for and make the right choice.   So, when considering your options, ensure the breach response vendor you select has the following five capabilities:

1. Specializes in Breach Response

Seek a data breach response vendor whose main business is helping organizations respond to data breaches in the most efficient and compliant way possible. Beware of the credit monitoring business that offers breach response services only to gain more subscribers for its monthly consumer services. On the other hand, a vendor focused on data breach response will help you analyze each breach to understand the regulatory, reputational, financial and operational risks to your organization. They will then provide guidance on how best to mitigate those risks.

2. Can Customize Its Services

Your breach response vendor should be able to create a customized response that both fits the situation and complements your internal capabilities. This helps you avoid buying more services than you need. The vendor should offer custom protection packages to meet your breach-specific risks—medical identity theft protection for patients, for example. In addition, your vendor should be able to provide customized communications to the breached population and regulators, if appropriate.

3. Is Scalable to Meet Your Needs

Few data breach response vendors can handle both small and large data breaches. Some vendors only handle the large million-record mega breaches, and won’t provide services for the more-frequent small breaches. Conversely, other vendors lack the capacity to manage large breaches, and service quality suffers when the breach is large. Find an experienced breach response provider that can handle all your breach needs, whether the breach involves one record or one million records.

4. Offers a Comprehensive Range of Services

A full-service data breach response vendor will provide all the services your organization needs in the event of a breach—digital forensics, call center, notification letter printing and mailing, crisis communications, and risk assessment and breach planning. You do not have to contract with a separate vendor for each of these services. When a breach occurs, time is limited. Having a single vendor to provide and manage all breach response services will save time and money, as well as reduce the reputational and regulatory impact of a breach on your organization.

5. Has a Solid Reputation 

Reputation matters. Given the sensitive nature of data breaches it’s critical to work with an organization that holds itself to the highest ethical standards. Before contracting with a data breach response vendor, take the time to find out if they have any recent legal troubles, regulatory infractions, or if the organization itself has experienced a breach. Also, verify that the vendor has the appropriate industry certifications, is compliant with the necessary regulations, and is certified by the Better Business Bureau.

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The right data breach response vendor can go a long way toward ensuring positive outcomes from a negative situation. Look for one who specializes in breach response, can customize its services to fit your needs, is scalable to handle all sizes of data breach, provides a full range of services, and has a solid reputation you can rely on. After all, your organization and your customers deserve the best.

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