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Data Breach Notification & Communications

Data breach notification and communication that minimize risks

Your response during a data breach matters. It can mean the difference between a class-action lawsuit and fines, or the chance to show you care. Rely on our expert notification and crisis communication services to meet state and federal regulations—and save time and money.

These services include:

  • Customized notification to affected individuals that meets the unique requirements of your situation, including notification letters to the affected individuals, an informative website, and call-center services.
  • Regulatory and Attorneys General reporting that complies with federal and state requirements, including as needed HIPAA/HITECH or GLBA regulations, state attorneys general, and state insurance commissioners.
  • For organizations handling regulated data, we gather required information about the incident, help determine if the incident is a data breach, recommend remediation efforts, assess against the most current breach notification regulations, and document the breach notification response from investigation to completion.
  • Legal presentment and notification tracking. We maintain digital records of every verbal and written interaction with the affected population for 7 years, when needed. We ensure correct delivery of notification letters using barcode tracking technology, USPS' NCOA service, and LexisNexis address verification.
  • Incident-specific call-center services tailored to your needs, including support for more than 80 languages and unique populations—disabled, deceased, minors, or non-English speaking. Our dedicated toll-free number provides easy access to experienced live agents, who can process up to 28,000 calls per day.

Download the data breach notification and communication management datasheet.

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