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Data Breach Notification & Communications

Data breach notification and communication that minimize risks

Your response during a data breach matters. It can mean the difference between a class-action lawsuit and fines, or the chance to show you care. Rely on our expert notification support to ensure a timely and efficient response.

These services include:

  • Customized notification to affected individuals that meets the unique requirements of your situation, including notification letters to the affected individuals, an informative website, and call-center services.
  • Legal presentment and notification tracking. We maintain digital records of every verbal and written interaction with the affected population for 7 years, when needed. We ensure correct delivery of notification letters using barcode tracking technology, USPS' NCOA service, and LexisNexis address verification.
  • Incident-specific call-center services tailored to your needs, including support for more than 80 languages and unique populations—disabled, deceased, minors, or non-English speaking. Our dedicated toll-free number provides easy access to experienced live agents in support of any incident – large or small.


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