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Digital Forensics Investigation

Prove your case and save money with our digital forensics investigations

When a data breach occurs, you need answers, fast: how did it happen, who is affected, and what are the risks? At ID Experts®, our understanding of the complete data breach response process allows us to focus our efforts and deliver those answers quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. This efficiency has led to ID Experts being 30% less expensive than the large forensics firms. 

The result? Timely forensics analysis that help contain the damage, determine the scope of the breach, and plan a compliant response—all at a price you can afford.

Our digital forensics investigation services include:

  • Technical expertise. We provide digital forensics on nearly every major operating system, mail client/servers, and type of mobile device.
  • Certified professionals who provide valid, third-party analysis for regulatory compliance and possible litigation.
  • Expert data collection, analysis and production that minimizes the amount of information to be reviewed while providing unimpeachable collection of data, to reduce costs and minimize disruption to your organization.
  • Incident response. We combine IT and investigator perspectives for an appropriate response to regulators, the breach population and the media. Proper response is critical for meeting data breach notification requirements.
  • Immediate phone and timely on-site services, plus laboratory analysis. Expedited service is available.

If you're faced with a data breach, don't wait! Call on our digital forensic professionals for clear, concise answers — the first step in a successful data breach response, especially where a client is concerned about potential legal actions and maintaining chain of evidence and/or attorney-client privilege.

Download the digital forensics investigations datasheet.

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