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Working with Partners

We make our data breach clients happy. We'll make your clients happy, too.

Lawyers. Insurers. Brokers. Data breach responders. We're all in the risk management business. So when your clients face a data breach—or even if they haven't yet—give us a call and we can service your client's needs right alongside your expertise. We offer a complete package of breach response services, all focused on reducing client risk and helping you compete in a crowded marketplace.

With our breach response services you get:

  • Efficiency and affordability of all in-one-breach response services—digital forensics investigations, notification and crisis communications, and unique identity protection and monitoring. We offer these services, so you don't have the in-house expense or hassle.
  • Flexibility. We'll customize our response to fit you and your client's needs. Only choose the services you require if you do not need them all.
  • Our expertise and guidance in working with lawyers. We've worked extensively with law firms throughout the United States, but we leave the valuable legal advice up to you.
  • Competitive offerings for insurers, including our Virtual Privacy Expert™ risk management platform to add value on the front end and lower risk on the back end. 
  • Pre-breach services for insurance brokers. We offer incident response planning and testing services for clients of insurance brokers, to help improve their risk profile before they buy or renew their cyber insurance policies.
  • Custom breach response programs for groups of policyholders, to create unique products for associations, risk retention groups and captives.

Don't wait to stand out from the crowd. Make your clients happy with breach response services from ID Experts.

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