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Expert tools and advice on privacy, data security, and compliance challenges

Have privacy and security questions? Need advice on preventing data breach incidents? Want to get compliant with federal and state regulations? Our Virtual Privacy Expert is ready to help. We offer cost effective, individualized consultations for your privacy, data security, and compliance challenges as well as give you access to smart templates, evaluation tools, and educational resources.

Virtual Privacy Expert services include:

  • Risk Assessment – Measure your data breach exposure and protection level with our Breach HealthCheck® tool.
  • Policy Templates – Robust privacy and security templates including a customizable Incident Response Plan (IRP). All templates can be tailored to meet the needs of your insurance policy and industry requirements.
  • Privacy, Data Security, and Compliance Materials – Resources for keeping your workforce current on a range of issues related to privacy, data security, and compliance.  This includes webinars, whitepapers and more.
  • Privacy and Security News Feed – Read the latest news and events on data breaches, regulations, class-action lawsuits, cyber threats, and protective technologies.
  • Data Breach Help – Suspect a breach? Contact our certified experts for instant help.

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