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Your employees trust you to provide benefits for their holistic well-being.

Shouldn’t this include MyIDCare best-in-class identity protection services?

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10% of American workers are affected by data breach—are yours safe?

Cyber attacks and data breaches put you and your employees at risk for identity theft, including medical identity theft. Medical insurance data is highly profitable, making its theft the fastest-growing identity crime, about a 20% annual increase over the last five years.

The average identity theft victim spends months and about $2,500 cleaning up their stolen medical insurance information. Even worse, their medical records are polluted with false diagnoses, conditions, allergies, medications, and treatments. ​

Make your employees’ time, safety, and well-being your highest priority by offering MyIDCare, our complete identity protection solution.

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Defending employees against identity risks

MyIDCare is the most complete solution for defending privacy, addressing all nine types of identity theft, including stolen medical identities. It features our patented health transaction monitoring technology, MIDAS, which alerts your employees to the use of their insurance cards so they can detect and prevent potential fraud.

MyIDCare’s complete identity recovery with concierge-style services restores victims’ identities to pre-theft status, which we’ve done with a 100% success rate.

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A people-first approach

Attracting and retaining great people requires great benefits

Employees rank identity protection #2 when it comes to financial well-being benefits. Give them peace of mind with MyIDCare, the most complete identity protection solution available.

Getting started is easy

Decide whether you want to provide identity protection as a company-paid or a voluntary benefit. We’ll provide the implementation and rollout plan, along with all the tools you need to communicate to your employees.

Proven experience across a range of industries

Since 2003, we have served some of the largest healthcare, financial services, retail, higher education, & government organizations in the U.S.

About ID Experts

We are passionate about combining our world-class MyIDCare identity protection with customer-centric data breach services in order to serve you, your clients, and their customers.

Proven longevity in the field

Proven longevity in the field

We’ve been providing data breach response and identity protection services since 2003, and many of our clients have been with us for over a dozen or more years.

Services designed around your clients’ unique needs

Services designed around your clients’ unique needs

Give your clients the right kind of help with customized, tailored data breach services.

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