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Securing your Members and Your Business is our Obsession

No doubt, you’re well aware of the vulnerability created by the rapid growth of cyber attacks against health care organizations. These threats can not only compromise your member’s personal information, but affect your bottom line, as well.  Trusted nationwide by leading healthcare organizations, you’ll find our solutions provide you with the most effective coverage on all fronts.

Complete Member Identity Protection

Because you are entrusted with a broad spectrum of sensitive personal information on your members, we can provide them with the most comprehensive identity protection available today as an integrated benefit of their plan, or as an add-on service in response to a data breach.

Scalable Data Breach Response

Data compromises come in all sizes from a handful of affected people to millions. We apply the same level of effort and care, no matter how large or small your incident.

Medical Identity Theft Protection

Medical identity theft is a rapidly growing problem causing real disruption to your members' lives and potentially the care administered to them based on stolen information. We have the only monitoring solution available specifically targeted to medical identity theft.

Fraud Detection - A Group Effort

Our medical identity monitoring solution goes beyond protecting your members with an analytics engine that processes their continual input to help you proactively detect provider fraud and coding errors.

To learn more about what ID Experts can offer your health plan, download our ID Experts for Health Plans datasheet here.

ID Experts for Health Plans

We understand the complexities and nuances of healthcare. ID Experts for Health Plans is our portfolio of services specifically designed to be both cost-effective and comprehensive for your organization. From identity protection, to fraud detection, to data breach response,  you’ll have a tailored solution that seamlessly scales to your needs. And, of course, will delight your members. Learn more by downloading our ID Experts for Health Plans datasheet.


Our consumer identity protection services are the most complete on the market today. And they include our concierge-style identity fraud resolution and recovery, with a 100% track record of success.

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Our medical identity monitoring technology and services are uniquely valuable to health plans in that it both protects your members from medical identity theft AND it helps you in identifying provider fraud and abuse affecting your bottom line.

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Breach Response

Count on us as a trusted partner that is continually in “stand-by” mode for when a data breach occurs. As a trusted partner, we offer comprehensive and cost effective services addressing the risks to and identity protection needs of your affected consumers or employees.

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"Our clients depend on us for efficient, forward-thinking solutions in the ever-changing world of data privacy, security, and fraud protection." Rick Kam | President

From Our Clients

“The problems we experienced would have been overwhelming if it hadn’t been for your expertise and reassurance.” Privacy Officer | Major U.S. Health Plan
"The healthcare industry needs to protect individuals from the inevitable harms of cyber attacks and data breaches. With ID Experts for Health Plans, the company is uniquely positioned to serve plans’ needs to minimize risks to their members and their bus Tom Hawes, M.D. | Managing Director at BlueCross BlueShield Venture Fund

About Us

ID Experts has over a decade of experience in serving consumers with identity protection, and enterprises with data breach software and services. We cover millions of consumers with identity theft services with a 100 percent success track record for identity recovery. Our corporate clients include a who’s who of major healthcare, insurance, government, financial services, and higher education organizations. We also contribute actively to the cyber risk community through organizations including NHCAA, HCCA, MIFA, and IAPP.

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