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Reducing data breach risk and safeguarding identities in every industry

Count on ID Experts’ extensive experience to reduce the impact and risk of a cyber breach in your organization and to defend your customers’ and employees’ personal data against identity fraud.

Cyber breaches hit every industry. Are you ready to protect and defend?

Cyber attacks and data breaches are everyday events that expose the sensitive information of millions of individuals. Thieves exploit this data for profit, putting your customers and employees at risk for identity theft, a costly crime that can damage their financial, reputational, and even physical health. Yet these same individuals trust you to protect their information, and complex laws such as HIPAA, GLBA, state or government agency regulations all impact how you respond to a breach. ID Experts’ proven breach response services and identity protection solution can reduce the risk and impact of a data breach on your organization and help safeguard your people’s identities—whichever industry you’re in.

7.1 B

identities exposed in data breaches in the last 8 years

16 %

increase in identity fraud in 1 year

40 %

increase in data breach in 2016

Solutions designed for your industry

Breach services that match your organization’s requirements

Each industry is unique. ID Experts’ made-to-fit services can scale and be adapted based on your needs. We’ll partner with your cyber insurer or breach coach to develop an incident response plan or quickly execute a well-planned breach response.

Choose only the data breach services and identity protection components you need, be it a la carte or a complete package that we coordinate for you. Now you can ensure a timely and well-organized breach response, including notification and mailing, call center, and website; as well as offer peace of mind with our MyIDCare identity protection solution. ​

An identity protection solution that helps safeguard your customers and employees from all identity crimes

​Everyone you work with—be they your employees or the individuals that your organization serves—is vulnerable to the nine types of identity theft. This costly crime puts victims’ jobs, finances, and health at risk.

MyIDCare is the most complete solution for defending privacy. It provides monitoring and recovery services across all nine types of identity theft, including cyber, credit, and other financial. And our patented health transaction monitoring technology, MIDAS, offers a solid defense against medical identity theft.

In addition, MyIDCare’s complete identity recovery with concierge-style services restores victims’ identities to pre-theft status, which we’ve done with a 100% success rate.

Employees trust you to provide benefits for their holistic well-being. This includes identity protection.

Employees rank identity protection #2 when it comes to financial well-being benefits. It makes sense, given the rise in data breaches and increased risk for identity theft—a crime that can cost thousands of dollars and years to correct on your own.

In the fierce competition to find and keep great talent, the MyIDCare identity protection solution is a fantastic benefit. It’s a high-value, moderately priced offering your employees will truly appreciate. ​

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