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Keep your customers' and employees' personal information safe from cyber risks

Only our MyIDCare identity protection solution defends against all types of identity theft.

Data breach threats are everywhere. Are you prepared?

Cyber attacks on the outside and user errors on the inside put sensitive data at risk for exposure. Yet your customers and employees depend on you to protect their information, and complex regulations like GLBA, HIPAA, and state laws have specific requirements for managing cyber breaches. To safeguard data before and after an attack, and help you mount an effective response, ID Experts offers proven breach response services and our MyIDCare identity protection solution. And we’ll coordinate with your privacy attorney and cyber insurer to ensure all your needs are met.


identities have been exposed in data breaches in the last 8 years

61 %

of compromised orgs have <1,000 employees

45.3 %

of all breaches in 2016 were businesses

Some of our enterprise clients include

Some of our enterprise clients include
Some of our enterprise clients include
Some of our enterprise clients include
Some of our enterprise clients include

Solutions designed for the enterprise

Right-size breach response for any-size cyber disclosures

No matter how big or small your data breach, our made-to-fit services can scale based on your needs. And we’ll partner with your cyber insurer or breach coach to quickly execute a well-planned breach response, including notification and mailing, call center, website, and identity protection enrollment.

Choose only the breach response services and identity protection components you need, be it a la carte or a complete package that we can coordinate for you. With ID Experts on your side, you can ensure a timely and well-organized breach response and provide peace of mind with the MyIDCare identity protection solution. ​

Your best defense against identity crime

There are nine types of identity theft—and a cyber incident puts your customers or employees at risk from any or all of them. MyIDCare is the most complete identity protection solution, so whatever the risk, we can address it. Our credit, other financial, and cyber (dark web) monitoring offer a defense against financial harms. And our patented health transaction monitoring technology, MIDAS, helps in the fight against medical identity theft.

MyIDCare’s complete identity recovery with concierge-style services restores victims’ identities to pre-theft status, which we’ve done with a 100% success rate.

Excellent benefits attract excellent employees

In today’s competitive employment market, you want to recruit—and keep—the best. That means offering a benefits package for your employees’ holistic well-being. With their identities at continual risk of compromise, your people will appreciate identity theft protection.

MyIDCare is the most complete identity protection solution available, whether it’s offered as a company-paid or voluntary benefit. Getting started is easy—we’ll provide the implementation and rollout plan, along with all the tools you need to communicate with your employees. ​

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