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Patients rely on their health providers and insurers to keep their personal information private.

Earn this trust by providing them with MyIDCare identity protection for both financial and medical identity risks.

Data breach and cyber compromises can cost you patients

The Ponemon Institute’s independent research study reveals that people see identity protection as the responsibility of healthcare providers and if theft occurs, they’d consider changing providers. Adding medical identity theft protection to your systems will help you meet patient expectations. If theft does occur, we’ll ensure it’s addressed efficiently and communicated appropriately with patients.

79 %

of patients want you to protect health records

48 %

consider changing providers if data is lost or stolen

90 %

of victims were dissatisfied with how it was handled

Some of our healthcare clients include

Some of our healthcare clients include
Some of our healthcare clients include
Some of our healthcare clients include
Some of our healthcare clients include

Solutions designed for the healthcare industry

Extensive experience serving healthcare providers, insurers and HIPAA business associates

Healthcare is in our DNA. Since the beginning, we’ve protected millions of patients and health plan members against the dangers of improper disclosures of their sensitive information. We understand the complex HIPAA & HITECH laws that protect this data, and will sign HIPAA business associate agreements with our clients. Our solutions help clients stay compliant and keep their patients safe.

We also understand the special trust between patient and caregiver, member and insurer. MyIDCare, our identity protection solution, builds on that trust, so your patients and members know their sensitive information is in safe hands.

Breadth of identity protection solutions to aid your patients and employees in the fight against identity theft

There are nine types of identity theft, putting victims’ children, jobs, finances, and health at risk. Only our MyIDCare identity protection solution addresses them all. MyIDCare offers a combination of cyber, credit, other financial, and medical identity monitoring to help your patients protect themselves.

MyIDCare’s complete identity recovery with concierge-style services restores victims’ identities to pre-theft status, which we’ve done with a 100% success rate.

Innovative health transaction monitoring technology for addressing medical identity theft risks

25% of American consumers have had their healthcare data breached. Half of those became victims of medical identity theft, a serious crime that can harm—or even take the life of—its victims. Our health patented transaction monitoring technology, MIDAS™, alerts your patients every time a medical claim is made against their identity. They can review the transaction and decide if it is possible fraud—before it is ever processed. This helps patients keep their medical identities secure, safeguarding their financial and medical health. ​

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