The Betterley Report - Oct. 2017

This report presents a first review and evaluation of insurance products designed to protect against the unique risks of data security for healthcare. Risks could include the breach of security by a hacker intent on stealing valuable patient data or a simple release of data through the carelessness of an employee or vendor. Kim Holmes, SVP and Counsel, Cyber Insurance, Liability and Emerging Risks for ID Experts also contributed to this industry-leading publication to discuss what to consider with your cyber insurer when discussing cyber management tools and services.

Highlights in the issue include:

  • Their first-ever survey of cyber insurance products specially for healthcare insureds
  • Expanded data on market focus, showing interest level for specific segments of the healthcare industry
  • Specific healthcare-related policy wordings are evolving – but risk management services lag
  • Kim Holmes writes about how a healthcare organization ought to evaluate an insurer’s value-added risk management services

To download the full report click here.