In real life, no. But wait…

Check out this website: and find a new online game that makes brokering personal information a game!

Data Privacy

I tried to play it to see if I could be a successful data broker or data thief depending on how far I was willing to cross the line to obtain personal information. The game give you several options to buy personal data that includes names, addresses, email addresses, medical records, sexual preference and more stating with an initial bank roll of $5,000.

I started playing and bought medical records, email addresses, and profiles from Uncle Enzo spending a few hundred bucks to amass over 1,184,403 records. The game also provides corporate buyers and government agencies willing to pay for the personal data I collected - Wow!!!

The game provides a fun way to learn about the impact of your personal data being bought, sold, stolen, breached, etc. Give it a try if you have a few minutes and want to see how your personal data may be valuable to many legal and illegal operators.