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Consider this:
Allowing wide-open access to confidential resources within a network can result in small breaches becoming enormous. Failing to maintain complete logs could turn a $20K breach into a $1M breach. ​

Is there a standard of reasonableness? Is there a fair balance between reasonable security and reasonable business practices when it comes to preparation? Is your organization subject to GDPR and if so, are your current business practices GDPR-compliant? ​

Conducting a sensitive data mapping assessment (and what that actually means) is very important for U.S. companies in a GDPR world—is your organization subject to GDPR based on data residency issues or whether you service EU citizens? ​

These and many other issues on the minds of proactive organizations today will be addressed; underscoring the thinking that the best time to fix your roof is before it rains.


  • Kimberly Holmes, Senior Vice President and Counsel at ID Experts
  • Cinthia Granados Motley, Partner at Sedgwick, LLP.
  • Winston Krone, Global Managing Director at Kivu Consulting.

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