Over the last month we asked you and your peers to take our survey on privacy and security incidents – leading causes, threats, costs associated, and trends for 2016. And the results from our 2015 Privacy and Security Survey are in!

The Findings

Biggest breach threat: 2015 may have been the year of malicious cyber-attacks, but a majority of privacy and security professionals still feel as though employee negligence is their biggest threat. While this and lost or stolen devices still result in many data breaches, the shift in data breaches from accidental to intentional is a recent trend.

Incidents containing PII/PHI: More than a third of you said that up to 25% of your incidents involve PII/PHI, and more than a quarter of you said that 50-74% of your incidents contain PII/PHI.

Europe’s data breach notification: The European Commission’s Regulation on data breach notification has been under quite a bit of scrutiny this year as it moves toward a final version. When asked, 39% of you said it could take at least 1-2 years to go into effect, and 29% said you thought it would take 3 or more years. A final version is scheduled to be produced in December of this year.

Target industry for breaches in 2016: More than half of you agreed that Healthcare will continue to be the data breach target industry, with Energy & Utility and Government as close seconds. Within the last four years, more than 140,000,000 Americans’ health information was disclosed in healthcare data breaches. 2015 has been the year of the “Healthcare Hack” with some of the largest healthcare providers (i.e. Anthem, Premera, and CareFirst) being hit early on. Will the trend continue into 2016; or will another industry be next?

Budgets: With this year’s data breaches, many companies are increasing their privacy and security budget to ensure they’re not the next front page data breach. A majority of you saw your privacy budget increasing by up to 25%, while the remaining survey participants felt their budgets wouldn’t change at all.

You can download the full results here.