Together, we can reduce healthcare fraud and fight medical identity theft.


MIDAS™—Medical Identity Alert System—is the first and only member-focused healthcare fraud solution that engages health plan members to monitor their healthcare transactions and take control of their medical identities.

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What is MIDAS?

MIDAS is a software and services solution for payers that takes the unique approach of engaging your members to help in reducing healthcare fraud and avoiding medical identity theft—crimes that cause harm to your members and cost you billions of dollars each year.


Protects from Medical Identity Theft

Members can review claims early on, keeping their medical records safe and secure.

Detects Healthcare Fraud

MIDAS's alert-driven model engages members as the first line of defense to identify and investigate fraud.

Engages Members for ACA Compliance

A key mandate of the Affordable Care Act is patient engagement.   With its member focus, MIDAS involves patients more closely in their care.

Lowers Healthcare Costs

Healthcare fraud costs an estimated $80 billion a year. By enlisting members as a first line of defense, MIDAS helps you identify and respond to fraud much earlier and thus drive down costs.


How MIDAS Works

Using proven fraud reduction strategies from the financial services sector, MIDAS enlists members to detect and report fraud. View Full Feature List.

  1. 1

    Medical Activity Alert Is Deployed

    MIDAS provides timely text messages or emails to alert members any time a claim is made against their identity.

  2. 2

    Member Reviews Claim

    MIDAS's mobile-friendly application securely displays claim information in simple language and without messy paperwork.

  3. 3

    Confirm or Mark as "Suspicious"

    Upon reviewing those claims, members can identify possible fraud, billing errors, even medical identity theft, and can securely notify the MIDAS team for prompt action.

  4. 4

    Fraud Investigated and Resolved

    If fraud or medical identity theft has occurred, MIDAS leverages ID Experts' proven dispute resolution processes to diagnose the problem, resolve the issue, and mitigate any harm.

How MIDAS Will Benefit You

Our goal, our passion, is to be your trusted partner for data breach and identity protection services. No matter your size, or your industry. And we also serve the very special needs of healthcare and government.

MIDAS™ for Health Plans

Increasingly at risk from cyber intrusions, health plans are becoming proactive in protecting their members from identity fraud and associated healthcare fraud. Our solutions for health plans are unmatched.

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MIDAS™ for Government

As the largest provider of identity protection services to the federal government, with Tier 1 and Tier 2 status on the GSA Blanket Purchase Agreement for Identity Protection Services (IPS), we are well positioned to serve our federal agencies.

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From the MIDAS Team

"MIDAS empowers consumers to manage their healthcare relationships and medical identities to reduce fraud, waste and abuse in the health system." Rick Kam | President

From Our Clients

"[MIDAS] represents a low-cost, high-consumer-engagement tool that can not only help foster good relationships with members, but also save money by stopping payments for claims and services that are not valid." Jeff Cribbs | Principal Research Analyst | Gartner, Inc.
"Consistent with our focus on providing innovative member programs, Moda was an early adopter of MIDAS™. In the face of consumer choices, we feel this distinguishes us by allowing our members more control of their healthcare transactions." Robert Gootee | Chief Executive Officer | Moda Health

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About Us

At ID Experts®, we provide innovative software and services that help organizations manage the risks of data incident response and identity fraud. Our MIDAS software received the 2014 Gartner Cool Vendor award for insurance payers. Insurers use MIDAS to engage their members as the first line of defense in reducing fraud and preventing medical identity theft.

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