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MIDAS Advisory Board

  1. James Christiansen

    James Christiansen CEO | Evantix

    James is a Global leader in information security and risk management He was the first information security officer at VISA; former CISO for Experian solutions, and has published two security related books. Has created successful product and solution business models. Other areas of expertise include: Security; recognized expert on Financial Services, Business Development 

  2. Joanna Crane, Esq

    Joanna Crane, Esq Former Identity Theft Program Mgr. | FTC

    Joanna Crane is a subject matter expert and consultant for a variety of identity theft-related organizations, including the Department of Justice’s Office of Victims of Crime, the Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center, and the Identity Theft Resource Center, and sits on the Board of Directors or Advisors for additional identity theft-related organizations including the Identity Theft Assistance Center.

    Joanna brings consumer protection and regulatory perspective. Joanna developed and implemented the FTC’s identity theft program. 

  3. Deborah Peel, M.D.

    Deborah Peel, M.D. Founder | Patient Privacy Rights

    Dr. Deborah C. Peel is a practicing physician and national expert on medical privacy. In 2004, Dr. Peel founded Patient Privacy Rights, the nation’s leading medical privacy watchdog organization. She presents at national panels and Congressional briefings, has provided state and federal testimony, and is widely quoted in trade journals and the national press.

  4. Larry Ponemon, Ph.D

    Larry Ponemon, Ph.D Chairman & Founder | Ponemon Institute

    Dr. Larry Ponemon is the Chairman and Founder of the Ponemon Institute, a research “think tank” dedicated to advancing privacy and data protection practices. Larry conducts independent research, and educates leaders from the private and public sectors. In addition to Institute activities, Dr. Ponemon is an adjunct professor for ethics and privacy at Carnegie Mellon University’s CIO Institute.

  5. Jim Pyles, Esq.

    Jim Pyles, Esq. Principal | Power, Pyles, Sutter & Verville PC

    Jim has more than 35 years of experience in litigation, counseling and lobbying in the field of health law. Jim’s expertise encompasses regulatory and legislative aspects of government and private health insurance coverage. Jim is nationally known for his expertise with respect to the legal issues related to health information technology and health information privacy.

  6. Gary Gordon, Ed.D.

    Gary Gordon, Ed.D. Partner | Bluewater International

    Dr. Gary Gordon is a national academic leader in developing economic crime programs. Dr. Gordon has led three national public/private sector partnerships in identity management and economic crime. Other areas of expertise include: Risk Management, Identity Management, Fraud, and Cybercrime.

  7. Norm Willox

    Norm Willox Managing Partner | Bluewater International

    Norm built the risk management and fraud analytic business for LexisNexis, and was the CEO and first Chief Privacy Officer for the organization. Norm’s expertise includes: Information Management, Risk Management, Identity Management, Fraud, Cybercrime.

  8. Larry W. Walker

    Larry W. Walker President | The Walker Company

    Larry Walker is the President of The Walker Company, a Lake Oswego, Oregon based health care management consulting firm specializing in governance development, market research, leadership retreats and strategic planning for hospitals and other health care organizations. Larry served for six years as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of 107-bed Mt. Hood Medical Center. He has also been a trustee of Portland, Oregon’s Legacy Health System and two of its predecessor organizations, Healthlink and Metropolitan Hospitals. He has worked with hospitals and hospitals across the U.S. since 1991.