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with complete identity protection


MyIDCare™ is the most comprehensive identity protection solution available.  In today’s world, individuals increasingly face a broad spectrum of identity risks including financial, medical and others. MyIDCare is designed to protect people from all nine types of identity theft.

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MyIDCare Difference

MyIDCare is both complete and configurable. This gives you flexibility to provide a cost-effective identity protection solution that addresses potential harms to the individuals at risk. And our recovery experts have a 100% success rate to ensure fast, complete identity recovery.



Customize MyIDCare monitoring with a combination of credit, cyber, identity and health monitoring to ensure the right protection for your population. Threats are quickly identified and flagged for member review.


Complete identity recovery with concierge-style services to ensure MyIDCare members’ identities are restored to pre-theft status. Our proven approach diagnoses and resolves issues, with a 100% success rate.


Why Choose MyIDCare

MyIDCare is the most complete solution for protecting privacy, bringing victims peace of mind and protecting your organization’s good name. You choose the protection package that best fits your needs.

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What's Included

The MyIDCare solution offers award-winning protection software and services from ID Experts.


Single/Tri Credit Monitoring

ID Theft Insurance

MIDAS: Medical Identity Monitoring

Recovery Superhero

Cyber and Identity Monitoring

Member Services


Build It the Way You Want

MyIDCare offers up to six selections in its identity protection services, allowing your organization to create the unique service offering you need.

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Protect Against Medical ID Theft & Fraud

Only MyIDCare can provide medical identity monitoring. With our MIDAS™ feature, we enable our members to monitor their healthcare transactions, making it easy for them to detect fraudulent use of their medical identity.

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The only plan that covers all 9 types of identity theft

Offer the most comprehensive coverage available. MyIDCare provides monitoring and recovery services across all nine types of credit and identity threats.


Insurance ID Theft

Criminal ID Theft

Child ID Theft

Driver's License ID Theft

Social Security ID Theft

Synthetic ID Theft

Financial ID Theft

Medical ID Theft

Employment ID Theft


Compare Your Options

MyIDCare delivers services beyond basic identity protection, offering more than any other solution in the market.

Credit Monitoring
Fraud Detection
Fraud Resolution
Reimbursement Insurance
MIDAS: Medical Identity Monitoring
Cyber (Dark Web) Monitoring
Complete Identity Recovery
Other Software
Credit Monitoring
Fraud Detection
Fraud Resolution
Reimbursement Insurance
MyIDCare Everyone Else
Credit Monitoring c c
Fraud Detection c c
Fraud Resolution c c
Reimbursement Insurance c c
MIDAS: Medical Identity Monitoring c
Cyber (Dark Web) Monitoring c
Complete Identity Recovery c

From the MyIDCare Team

“Providing peace of mind to our members in a time of stress and uncertainty is our top priority.” Joseph Sarver | Recovery Advocate

From Our Clients

“We are thankful for MyIDCare. My wife and I have been victims of identity theft and we can't say enough wonderful things about MyIDCare. Our claim was handled professionally and efficiently. We recommend MyIDCare to everyone we know.” Anonymous | MyIDCare member
“The problems we experienced would have been overwhelming if it hadn't been for your expertise and reassurance.” Anonymous | MyIDCare member

About Us

At ID Experts®, we provide innovative software and services that help organizations manage the risks of data breach and identity fraud. MyIDCare offers the most complete protection across all our products and services, providing visibility and resolution for nine types of identity fraud and theft.

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