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What you need, when you need it

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Each breach situation is unique—from the cause to who was affected

Our breach response services can flex to fit your needs, whether it’s a few individuals or 10 million. And you can choose exactly the breach response services and identity protection components you need, be it a la carte, or the complete package. Whatever you select, we’ll partner with your privacy attorney and cyber insurer to ensure a timely and well-organized response and provide peace of mind to those affected with our MyIDCare identity protection solution.

MyIDCare Identity Protection

MyIDCare Identity Protection

Identity protection that’s both configurable and cost-effective

Offer breach victims identity protection that delivers real value and peace of mind with MyIDCare. It’s the only identity protection solution that covers all nine types of identity theft, including credit, other financial, cyber, and the growing, deadly threat of medical identity theft.

And MyIDCare’s complete identity recovery with concierge-style services restores victims’ identities to pre-theft status, which we’ve done with a 100% success rate.​

For the best value and a custom fit, you can select the monitoring and recovery services that match your unique requirements—nothing more, nothing less.

Notification Services

Notification Services

Let the right people know, right away

People affected by a breach need answers and advice. We’ll help you provide customized notification letters that meet your specific needs. We also work closely with your privacy attorney so that all legal requirements are incorporated.

To ensure correct delivery of notification letters, we use barcode-tracking technology, USPS’s NCOA service, and LexisNexis address verification. We also maintain digital records of every verbal and written interaction with the breached population for up to 7 years, when needed.

Call Center Communications

Call Center Communications

Show them you care with our tailored call center services

Trained, US-based agents dedicated to your breach incident are available to answer questions and enroll affected individuals in MyIDCare identity protection.

With support for more than 200 languages and unique populations, such as minors, deceased, or the disabled, we have you covered. And we can scale to accommodate the smallest or largest breaches, with an ability to process up to 28,000 calls per day.

Website Development and Hosting

Information and identity protection enrollment—all in one place

Many people look online for answers. Give them a valid source for information about the breach—what happened, who was affected, and what steps they should take.

We’ll set up your information website on a unique URL and it will include support for individuals to also enroll in MyIDCare identity protection, providing a one-stop location that breach victims can rely on for reliable information and needed support.

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