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MyIDCare is trusted by leading organizations

Relied upon by over 25 million people, MyIDCare is the most complete identity protection solution addressing risks from both financial and medical identity fraud.

MyIDCare Identity Protection

Combining innovative monitoring technologies and concierge-style services in order to provide people with peace of mind concerning their identity risks.

Personal defense at your fingertips

MyIDCare is the most complete identity protection solution, providing monitoring and recovery services across all nine types of identity theft. These include cyber, Social Security, credit, other financial, and medical monitoring services, the last of these to deal with the serious, emerging threat of medical identity theft. And as the most-used identity protection service by the federal government, MyIDCare delivers proven coverage you can rely on.

Monitoring Services

Threats to your identity are everywhere. MyIDCare’s alert-based identity monitoring scans billions of data points, notifying you of risks to your identity so you can act now to stop theft and fraud.

Credit monitoring

Credit monitoring

MyIDCare includes comprehensive credit monitoring and provides alerts and information on credit file changes for either one credit bureau, or all three.

Cyber monitoring

Cyber monitoring

CyberScan, our dark web surveillance, scours criminal websites 24/7 for stolen identities—including health insurance, Social Security numbers, and financial information.

Health Claims Monitoring (MIDAS)

Health Claims Monitoring (MIDAS)

Our MIDAS technology alerts members every time a medical claim is made against their identity. This enables individuals to review health transactions for potential identity fraud the same way they do for credit transactions.

Financial Protection

$1 million of insurance and stolen funds protection provide a solid backstop for serious cases of identity theft.

Putting money back in your hands

MyIDCare members who fall victim to identity crime can rest easy. Our $1 million reimbursement insurance replaces stolen funds—including losses due to medical, financial, and other types of identity crimes. It also covers legal and other professional service expenses related to identity theft.

And we offer lost wallet replacement services, helping our members with replacing and reissuing missing driver’s licenses, credit and insurance cards—whatever is needed. ​

Concierge-Style Identity Recovery

No other identity protection company provides their members with this level of customer experience.

We delight victims with friendly, expert service

For MyIDCare members whose identity is stolen, our ID Care Team of identity specialists is standing by. Using limited power of attorney (LPOA), we’ll act on a victim’s behalf to restore their identity to pre-theft status, which we’ve done with a 100% success rate.

In addition, we provide phone and email support to our certified specialists, whose concierge-style services offer peace of mind and save valuable time. ​

Easy Implementation

Whether a data breach, an employee benefit, or something valued to offer your members, we can get you up and running quickly and easily.

Hassle-free and quick time to value

MyIDCare is simple to offer your customers, members, or employees. We provide the implementation and rollout plan, along with all the tools you need to communicate with your people. The average availability is fast—90 days from signing—so you can provide valuable identity protection right away. ​

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