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Continually pursuing innovative identity protection technologies

We put technology to work for organizations and the people that rely upon them. Our technologies will continue to advance to address the evolving identity risk landscape.

Staying ahead of the threats

Criminals are exploiting technology to launch new and even more dangerous cyber attacks on organizations. This means sensitive data is at a greater risk than ever for exposure, putting individuals in the cross hairs for identity theft. We develop advanced technologies to fight these threats to individuals and strengthen your defense against breach risks. With these, our flagship MyIDCare product maintains its market leadership. As pioneers in identity theft protection, we continually innovate our monitoring technologies, most recently receiving a patent for our unique medical identity monitoring service.

MIDAS, Health Claims Transaction Monitoring

MIDAS, Health Claims Transaction Monitoring

Patented technology for safeguarding your medical identity

Medical identity theft is a fast-growing crime that threatens the financial and physical health of its victims. Our MIDAS technology is the first and only identity monitoring service that helps patients fight this deadly threat.

Similar to the way credit monitoring works, the MIDAS service alerts individuals every time a medical claim is made against their identity. They can review the transaction and decide if it is possible fraud—before it is ever processed. This helps people keep their medical identity secure and reduce the chance of healthcare fraud.

CyberScan Dark Web Surveillance

CyberScan Dark Web Surveillance

24/7 vigilance against cyber identity theft

With cyber breaches on the rise, the digital facets of your identity are at more risk than ever. According to recent research, identity fraud affected over 15.4 million Americans last year, about 10% of the workforce.

CyberScan is a powerful tool in the fight against online identity crime. It scours criminal websites for stolen identities, targeting the illegal selling and trading of Social Security numbers, driver’s license records, medical insurance, credit card and bank account information, and other personal data.

Dynamic Configuration Technology for MyIDCare

Dynamic Configuration Technology for MyIDCare

No two identities are alike, nor are the organizations responsible for protecting them

Our MyIDCare platform helps our clients address those differences, by using a flexible technology that dynamically configures the specific services included in MyIDCare to fit your exact requirements—medical identity monitoring for healthcare data, CyberScan for online information, credit monitoring for financial data, and Social Security trace for adults and minors. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

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