MIDAS Resources


  • I’m a health plan representative, how can I offer MIDAS to our members?

    If you would like to offer MIDAS to your members, please let us know you're interested. A member of our team will be in touch with you.

  • What mobile devices will MIDAS work on?

    MIDAS works on just about any device with a web browser. The MIDAS application is compatible with all modern web browsers, and will adapt its screen size to fit all smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computer monitors.

  • What happens if fraud or theft is detected?

    Our team of medical fraud specialists and in-house Special Investigation Unit (SIU) will assist you with identity recovery and remediation services. We don't stop until the incident is resolved.

  • My health plan doesn’t include MIDAS. Can I still enroll?

    If your health insurer doesn't offer MIDAS, please let us know you're interested. It will also help to talk to your health insurance representative and/or your company's employee benefits team.

  • What is medical identity theft?

    Medical identity theft happens when someone receives medical treatment using stolen identification, insurance credentials, or other personal information. Medical identity thieves may use your identity to get surgery or prescriptions, or pose as a care provider to bill health insurers for fake claims.

  • What is medical identity fraud?

    Medical identity fraud happens when someone uses false information to receive care or seek reimbursement for a claim. For example, a scam artist may pose as a doctor to submit false claims against fake or stolen credentials.

  • How common is medical identity theft and fraud?

    Medical identity theft and fraud is America's fastest-growing crime, with 1.85 million victims and counting. The FBI estimates our healthcare system loses between $70-234 billion to fraud each year.

  • Why should I trust MIDAS?

    MIDAS was built by an experienced team of privacy advocates at ID Experts, the leader in data breach prevention and response. The company is endorsed by the American Hospital Association, and maintains a 100% success in restoring identities of those individuals that have been compromised to pre-theft status.

  • I’m no fraud expert or technology whiz — will I be able to use MIDAS?

    We put a lot of thought into making MIDAS a breeze to use. MIDAS works on smartphones, tablets, and computers, so you can sign in from whatever device you feel most comfortable using.

    Claim information is displayed in simple language, so it's easy to understand. In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised to find it makes more sense than those old paper Explanation of Benefits (EOB)!

    Plus, if you ever have a question MIDAS support representatives are here to help. Email support@midasprotection.com anytime, or call 855-521-4797 Monday through Friday, 6am-5pm Pacific Time.

  • What is MIDAS?

    MIDAS is a medical identity protection software. It's the first and only solution to healthcare fraud that empowers you, the member, to monitor your healthcare transactions and defend your medical identity. This results in lower healthcare costs, identification of healthcare fraud and timely monitoring against the possibility of Medical identity theft.

    Using alerts and an online application, it helps you identify and investigate possible misuse of you and your family's medical identities — before it can cause financial or physical harm.

  • How secure is MIDAS?

    We employ leading encryption and security technologies to ensure every interaction a member has with MIDAS is secure.

    All sensitive and personal information contained in the MIDAS database is encrypted utilizing the 256 bit AES algorithm.

  • How does it work?

    MIDAS' software works with your health insurer's Explanation of Benefits (EOB) delivery system to alert you every time a claim is made against your health plan benefits. If the claim is suspicious — say you notice a billing error, or don't recognize the procedure or provider — you can flag it as suspicious. The claim information is then encrypted and sent to MIDAS' team of fraud experts for investigation.

    If fraud or theft is discovered, MIDAS works with you, your health insurer, and the provider until the issue is resolved, and your medical identity is restored.